Pokémon Yellow scam hits iTunes App Store

pokemon yellow scam 1

It would appear that a Pokémon Yellow scam has made its way onto the iTunes App Store.

Uploaded by Daniel Burford under the company ‘Home of Anime’, it’s priced at $0.99 and promises players the full Pokemon Yellow experience, yet, if copyright wasn’t enough of an issue, users are reporting that the application crashes.

At the time of writing, there are 1275 customer ratings with the majority of users spouting their rage at the fact the application doesn’t load past the main screen, rather than pointing out that it shouldn’t even be on Apple’s service in the first place.

Whilst Nintendo will surely be soon on the case, it’s a further sign that Apple must be more vigilant in their approval process to ensure only legitimate applications are added to their service.

The iTunes App Store has long been the home to poor ports seemingly providing iOS users with Nintendo’s classic franchises, Super Mario Bros. being that most victimised.

Pokemon Yellow scam

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