Pokémon X & Y Update Version 1.3 now available


Nintendo have released a new update for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, which they are recommending all players to download.

The update (Version 1.3) contains the fixes in previous versions, and also addresses minor bugs such as Vivillon’s image not appearing correctly in the Friend Safari’s menu, and special Poké Ball animations occuring more frequently.

It is also a necessity to download the update to access online features – whether that be Wonder Trade, connecting to GTS or receiving Mystery Gifts.

To help you download this more easily, Nintendo have once again provided a QR Code that will save you having to navigate through the Nintendo eShop.

How to Scan the QR Code
1. From the HOME Menu, hold down the L and R Buttons to start the camera application.
2. Touch the icon on the left side of the lower screen.
3. Using the camera, scan the appropriate QR Code to open Nintendo eShop in order to download the update data.


[Thanks Serebii]

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