Pokémon X & Y street date seemingly broken in Canada and Italy

Whilst the world eagerly awaits the arrival of Pokémon X & Y in just over a week’s time, retailers in Canada and Italy have reportedly broken the street date of the Nintendo 3DS exclusives according to NeoGAF.

There are two purchasers in the wild steadily documenting their playthrough by sharing snaps of their progression – although not wishing to promote the leaks we understandably won’t be pointing you in the right direction. Having provided no comment as to how they were able to source a retail copy so early, it’s run the risk of ruining a rather energetic volley of news up until launch.

Such a situation will not only be distressing to Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, who have been rigid in their attempts to thwart leaks, but also to Junichi Masuda and the team at Game Freak that have worked so hard toward seeing that they were able to deliver a worldwide release date for fans around the globe.

We’d recommend holding out to experience the games yourself, with Pokémon X & Y releasing globally next week on October 12th.

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  1. Even if it is our choice to look at the images or not, the urge is just too strong, we should all report this guy for killing our thrill.

    Freakin Canada & Italy
    I might understand Canada but realy Italy?
    And how random is that. Why have only they released it early.
    And how many people have gotten it?

  3. It’s a bit reactionary to say “Canada and Italy” have broken the street date. We’re talking about two crooked retailers, surely? Possibly not even sold through the storefront, but as backhanders by a member of staff. Otherwise we’d see more widespread commenting from people who already have the game. In my experience, most Pokemon players who get the game early can’t keep quiet about it.

  4. Yeah, I don’t know who else is out there leaking, but one of the more prominent leakers I’ve heard of is from my city. Word is that he got it at an independent retailer here which is notorious for breaking street dates. They’re a pretty sleazy place with a pretty bad reputation just generally.

    And that’s what really frustrates me: I generally like to support independent coffee shops, book stores, and game retailers, but when someone pulls a stunt like this it just demonstrates how large chains are simply easier for publishers to deal with.

  5. What a darn shame. I remember when my parents bought me pokemon blue when it was new way back when. Such an amazing journey, so many surprises. Now, it’s hard approaching a new generation without already knowing what your team is going to be ahead of time.

    I hope these retailers are punished. That’s just not cool.

  6. Well, you can pretty much say that if/when the names of the stores that broke street date gets out, they will have committed corporate suicide, they have shown that they can not be trusted to stick to stated release dates, so major game companies will simply refuse to stock that company until WELL after the release date, which will cut heavily into their profits (worst case scenario, it may put them out of business since game launches can potentially provide a large chunk of revenue to keep a shop going for a while)

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