Pokémon X & Y distribution events to use new Serial Codes

With Pokémon X and Pokémon Y nearing launch, The Pokémon Company have shared their plans for distribution events.

As per normal, these will be accessed through selecting Mystery Gift from the main menu, then allowing you to opt between Local Wireless, Nintendo Network Download and InfraRed communications.

However, a new method has been introduced through using Serial Codes. These remain to be tied to the region of whichever version you choose, and supermarket chain Tesco has emerged as the first to offer such a code. For your pre-order you can claim a Serial Code that will grant you with 12 Quick Balls – perfect for getting started on your adventure!

We’ll share more as they appear!

[Thanks Serebii]

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  1. Well now…this is what i like to see !!

    * really looking forward to picking up my copy of pokemon y *

    oh and here is my 3DS – friend code :


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