Pokémon X & Y Discount Coupon set for Global Link distribution


Earlier we brought you news of the Balloon Popping attraction that’s soon to make its way to Pokémon Global Link, as part of the incoming PokéMileage Club support for Pokémon X & Y.

This has now been confirmed for North America and Europe, becoming available from January 14th, and will see players earn items “useful for Pokémon Evolution.” The more medals that you earn the more levels become available to you, although you must spend Poké Miles earned journeying across Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.

Perhaps of more interest is the availability of a Discount Coupon through the PokéMileage Club, the one-time use in-game item that halves the cost of any transaction in any of the Kalos region’s boutiques. Be sure to spend wisely, also seeing you able to use it against multiple items in the same transaction.

The Discount Coupon isn’t available through normal gameplay, and you have between January 14th – March 3rd 2014 to secure it through the PokéMileage Club.

[Thanks Serebii]

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