Pokémon X and Y gains GAME exclusive Poké Ball pre-order bonus


Now under three months until release, GAME have revealed an exclusive pre-order bonus for Pokémon X and Y.

Shared through the UK specialist retailer’s Twitter account, the unique bonus sees Pokéfans rewarded with a Poké Ball capable of holding those treasured Nintendo 3DS game cards.

If that wasn’t enough, they also teased that more news was on the way – perhaps hinting that the rather tasty Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS XL models will be headed westward.

“More exciting Pokémon news to announce within the coming weeks,” they wrote. “You won’t want to miss this…”

… we’ll keep our eyes peeled!

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  1. Man, i live in the US so the coolest exclusive I can get is the Kalos poster. I guess i’ll have to buy this beauty off ebay eventually.

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