Pokémon Ultra Sun And Moon Ditto Five Locations


Getting the best competitive Pokémon is always a tricky thing. With lots of chain breeding, it’s always really hard to get with a lot of chaining and hoping. With the Destiny Knot, you can pass down five IVs from the parents, but in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon, there is a little trick.

One of the side quests in the game has you search for the Ditto Five. In Route 9, you will be informed that there are various Ditto posing as humans across Route 9 and Konikoni City. There are five of these Ditto and this may seem like an innocuous side-quest, but there’s a perk.

Each of the five Ditto has got special competitively viable elements. They have the most competitively viable natures, and to top it off, they have some excellent IVs.

  • Route 9’s Police Station: Bold Nature. Maximum IV of Defense, high IV of Special Attack, 0 IV in Speed.
  • Konikoni City’s Herb Seller by Alola Photo Club: Jolly Nature. Maximum IV in Speed, high IVs in Defense and Special Attack.
  • Chef in Konikoni City Restauraunt: Adamant Nature. Maximum IV in Attack, high IVs in Defense and Speed.
  • Konikoni City Massage: Modest Nature. Maximum IV in Special Attack, high IV in Special Defense, 0 IV in Attack.
  • Oliva in Konikoni City: Timid Nature. Maximum IV in Speed, high IV in Attack and Special Defense.

While these Ditto are not all five or six-maximum IV Pokémon, the IVs and natures are perfect to get you well on your way to breeding a competitive team through the usual breeding mechanics.

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  1. I’m trying to do the ditto sidequest now and while i got the hiker near the photo shop, whenever I talk to the chef I’m not getting another ditto battle. There has to be something wrong here

    1. you have to talk to the police man at the police station on route 9 after that you can talk to the chef that’s a ditto

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