Pokémon TV Update Version 3.0 Lets You Watch Offline And Sync Progress Across Devices

Bulbasaur Anime Screenshot

The Pokémon Company International has released a new software update for Pokémon TV, their smart device app that lets you stream movies, episodes, and special animated features.

“Pokémon TV has a new and dynamic look and feel to help our fans find and play their favorite Pokémon TV episodes,” The Pokémon Company International explains. “The app now offers cross-devices syncing with login and Pokémon TV TV is now available in 12 languages.”

Now on Version 3.0, when you sign in with your Pokémon account the app will save your episode and season progress across all devices that you are using. There are also new push notifications that will let you know when new movies and episodes have been added.

You can also download episodes or a movie, storing them on your device to watch offline – perfect for long journeys when you may not have Internet access to watch them online.

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