Pokémon Trading Card Game: EX Tin Review

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As the unfaltering popularity of the franchise continues to captivate the globe by storm, The Pokémon Company International has served up a further release for the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG).

A welcome diversion to staring at a Nintendo DS or TV screen, the trading card game continues to be the perfect companion to the video game series – challenging players to develop strategies to claim victory, whilst retaining the collection element that has already proved so addictive.

The Pokémon TCG: EX Tin arrives shortly after the launch of the fourth expansion to the Black & White series; Pokémon TCG: Black & White – Next Destinies. However, whereas Theme Packs prove the perfect entry point into the realms of establishing your Pokémon TCG collection, the EX Tin delivers an enviably priced opportunity for players to purely expand upon what they already own.

The tins themselves are a particularly striking part of the package, so often overlooked in similar instances, adorned on all sides with colourful artwork depicting Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem. The lid is the differentiator, with an embossed legendary dragon Pokémon image dependent on whichever themed version you chose. A collectable item in itself indeed, and fans will surely find it hard to resist picking up all three variants.

Similarly, inside you’ll find either a Reshiram-EX, Zekrom-EX, or Kyurem-EX card corresponding to your choice of tin design, alongside a matching redeemable one-use code that will allow you to unlock rewards within the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online.

These EX cards are the most alluring part of your purchase, not only through their wondrous, holographic visual qualities but through their strong, if energy-costly, attacks. Zekrom and Reshiram, for instance, have the ‘Glinting Claw’ move which deals 50 base damage with the flip of a coin, if heads, granting the chance to deal an extra 30.

This is accompanied by far more destructive attacks that can inflict 150 damage, yet these aren’t without their consequences – the player having to sacrifice multiple energy cards, or running the risk of damaging their own Pokémon in the process. Their loss in battle also runs the risk of your opponent being able to claim two Prize cards, amounting to an inevitable gamble for the taking through use. Nevertheless, their introduction has been carefully balanced to be incorporated in any match.

These are accompanied by a set of four Booster Packs, that include two from Black & White: Next Destinies, one from Black & White: Noble Victories, and one from the Black & White: Emerging Powers. Each individually contains a random selection of ten cards, plus a further redeemable code for Pokémon TCG Online, so careful variance of which Booster Packs have been included ensures that there’s less opportunity to receive duplicate cards.

As always, the card illustrations also impress. Intricately detailed and colourfully characterised to match the Pokémon that they portray, vastly improved from their early days in the 1990’s.

Individually priced at around £12 within the United Kingdom, the three Pokémon Trading Card Game: EX Tins will prove an irresistible purchase for collectors and a worthy investment for the avid Pokéfan.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game: EX Tin selection are now available to purchase at major retailers.

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