Pokémon TCG: XY – Steam Siege Expansion Arrives In August


The Pokémon Company International has announced that the next expansion to the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Pokémon TCG: XY – Steam Siege, will launch in August.

This will introduce Volcanion and Magearna for the first time, with the expansion promising more than 115 new cards to collect and play with. That will include eight new dual-type Pokémon, six new Pokémon-EX and seven new Pokémon BREAK, such as Shiny Mega Gardevoir-EX, Xerneas BREAK and Yveltal BREAK.

Volcanion will appear as both a regular card and a Dual-Type EX, which is the first time since the Pokémon TCG: HeartGold & SoulSilver Series that dual-type Pokémon have been seen.

The two theme decks will be Gears of Fire and Ring of Lightning, while cards in the expansion are eligible to be used at the 2016 Pokémon TCG World Championships which start on Friday 19th August.

Pokémon TCG: XY – Steam Siege will launch at retailers across Europe and North America on August 3rd.

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