Pokémon TCG: Scarlet And Violet – Paldea Evolved Announced

Pokémon TCG: Scarlet And Violet - Paldea Evolved Image

The Pokémon Company International has announced that the Pokémon TCG: Scarlet and Violet – Paldea Evolved expansion will release worldwide in June 2023.

This introduces more Pokémon ex, which have high HP as well as powerful attacks and Abilities but give up two Prize cards when they are Knocked Out. Tera Pokémon ex like Slowking, Forretress and Dedenne will also be added, displayed in full-art illustrations which have looked to capture “the unique crystal effects of the characters.”

Alternate art styles will also be introduced for illustration rare and special illustration rare cards, allowing Trainers to collect unique art cards that spotlight the Pokémon’s personality traits or Evolutions.

The expansion will include 15 Pokémon ex, three Tera Pokémon ex, 36 illustration rare Pokémon, 18 ultra rare Pokémon ex and eight ultra rare Supporter cards, 15 special illustration rare Pokémon and Supporter cards, and 9 hyper rare gold etched cards – which can include Pokémon ex, Trainer and Energy cards.

You will be able to find these cards in booster packs, Elite Trainer Boxes and special collections from the Pokémon Center in the US, Canada and UK, as well as other participating retailers.

There are products already available to pre-order from the Pokémon Center, such as the Scarlet and Violet – Paldea Evolved Pokémon Center Elite Trainer Box, which includes two additional booster packs and two copies of an illustration rare style promo card – with one featuring the Pokémon Center logo.

The Pokémon TCG: Scarlet and Violet – Paldea Evolved expansion will release at retailers worldwide on 9th June 2023.

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