Pokémon Style application hits Android devices in Japan

Pokémon Style has struck Android devices across Japan today, Serebii reporting that the application allowing you to deck your phone out with colourful themes styled around the monsters that populate the series.

This will offer free and premium themes (priced at 200 yen), allowing you to change the wallpaper and icons to whichever you choose. New content will be added every second and fourth Thursday each month, with a launch promotion running until 25th February 2015 where those downloading the app will receive a 50 percent discount against the premium Eevee, Xerneas & Yveltal, and Hoenn Starter Pokémon themes.

The Pokémon Company International are also looking to release the app on iOS devices, although it will presumably need to work differently seeing as Apple doesn’t allow icons to be customised.

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