Pokémon Snap Releases On Wii U Virtual Console This Week

pikachu articuno pokemon snap image

Pokémon photographer Todd Snap makes a welcome return this week, with Nintendo announcing that Pokémon Snap will see release on the Wii U Virtual Console service in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The first-person rail photography simulation was developed by HAL Laboratory and Pax Softnica, and is fondly remembered as one of the more memorable releases on Nintendo 64. Even if the project was originally conceived to arrive on Nintendo 64DD.

In the game, the player journeys around Pokémon Island after Professor Oak requests that you help him with his research by securing good quality photographs of Pokémon in their natural habitats.

His scoring was tough, with points awarded based on the Pokémon’s pose, whether it filled the photo frame, if it was centred, and whether there were other Pokémon in the background.

While trigger-happy snapping was easy to achieve, it was only perfect shots that really let you see all that Pokémon Snap had to offer.

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