Pokémon Shuffle Receives Second Major Update To Version 1.3.0

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The Pokémon Company International has announced that Pokémon Shuffle has received its second major update on Nintendo 3DS, which sees the puzzler updated to version 1.3.0.

This introduces a new Raise Max Level enhancement that, as the name suggests, lets Pokémon increase their level beyond 10, which was the previous restriction. There are 23 Pokémon that the Enhancement may be used on, and there is a set limit to how many times it can be used on each.

Other Enhancements will help strengthen your Pokémon, such as Exp. Booster and Level Up, while the update also adds a new Survival Mode. This sees you battle against Pokémon one after another as you attempt to achieve a new record. The first four Support Pokémon that you pick will be used to take on the challenge, with success requiring that you win in a limited number of moves.

A new Mission Cards feature also lets you play while clearing special missions written on different cards, such as “Defeat Pikachu using an Electric-type Pokémon!” Once completed, players will be rewarded with points based on the mission’s difficulty that will earn them rewards.

Pokémon Shuffle guide Amelia will also recommend particular Pokémon, while other minor changes make it easier to see which Pokémon you have caught, provides more information about them, adds recommended levels to zones, and makes it quicker to switch between stages.

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