Pokémon Shuffle receives “huge update” to Version 1.2.0

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The Pokémon Company have treated Pokémon Shuffle to a “huge update,” improving the free-to-start three-match puzzler across the board.

Now at Version 1.2.0, it has firstly made Pokémon easier to catch through a new Super Catch Power feature that may be triggered at the end of a stage to improve your chances.

When caught, you can immediately see that Pokémon’s current level and skill, while we’re promised that new kinds of stages will be added with details to be shared at a later date.

Your Heart stock will now also work in a different way, with those that automatically regenerate over time now being stored separated to those received in exchange for Jewels or through StreetPass. The regenerated Hearts will always be used first, meaning that you won’t immediately lose any that you’ve earned through other means.

Next up, your combo record is displayed on-screen for longer, allowing you more time to proudly take a snap to share through Miiverse.

Lastly, Victini’s stage will appear every weekend from 6am UTC on Saturday to 6am UTC on Sunday for a limited time, opening an opportunity to earn more Exp. Points to help boost your team.

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