Pokémon Shuffle gets competitive with Mega Blastoise event

mega blastoise

Pokémon Shuffle has received another update to Version 1.1.8, a meaningful increment that will allow players to participate in the new Mega Blastoise competitive stage.

This runs between 6am UTC on 6th April – 5am UTC on 13th April 2015, and will see players compete to earn a Blastoisinite necessary to allow Blastoise to undergo Mega Evolution.

As with the Mega Lucario event, this will only be available to those that fall within the designated placings on the leaderboard.

That will see the top 10,000 players in Europe, 20,000 in North America and 50,000 players in Japan all rewarded with the Blastoisinite, whereas the rest will once again receive a Jewel for participating. Such rewards will be made available between 6am UTC on 13th April – 6am UTC on 20th April 2015.

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