Pokémon Rumble World rated by Australian Classification Board


The Australian Classification Board have today issued a PG rating for Pokémon Rumble World, revealing that we may soon be wandering through the doors of the Toy Pokémon Shop once again.

With Japanese developer Ambrella at the helm, the series was birthed on WiiWare and was most recently seen on Wii U in 2013’s Pokémon Rumble U.

There’s little else to go on within the rating filed by Nintendo Australia, which at least classifies that it’s a computer game – warning consumers of “mild violence” and will encompass “online interactivity.”

We’re still waiting to hear more regarding 3D Streets of Rage 2 and Yoshi’s Woolly World after the Australian Classification Board issued ratings for them last month, so it may be a while until Pokémon Rumble World surfaces.

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