Pokémon Rumble World passwords unlock Pancham and Smeargle


Players around the world can now embark on a new adventure in Pokémon Rumble World, The Pokémon Company’s latest free-to-start effort that puts Toy Pokémon to use once more.

Serebii reports that, as with previous titles, passwords will steadily be released that will help you to collect all 719 Toy Pokémon available within the Nintendo 3DS exclusive. Pancham and Smeargle are the first to be released, with known passwords available to those in North America and Europe.

You must have an Adventure Rank of 4 or higher to redeem these, doing so whenever you’re in the courtyard by selecting the Password option from the Start menu.

North America
– Pancham: 18294319
– Smeargle: 18014401

– Pancham: 24197410
– Smeargle: 35325215

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