Pokémon Rumble World adventures to retail on January 22nd


Nintendo of Europe has announced plans to release Pokémon Rumble World across the region as a packaged game next month.

Having originally been released as a downloadable game on Nintendo eShop earlier this year, the packaged version promises to deliver “the full Pokémon Rumble World experience.”

That basically means eradicating any additional paid for content in this Pokémon adventure, which sees you explore a kingdom of toys as your Mii character – recruited by the king to collect more Toy Pokémon than a mysterious magician

The packaged version will provide newly reconfigured features such as Poké Diamonds, the Poké Diamond Digger and VIP Cards, stripping out the paid content component.

Poké Diamonds can be used to gain hot-air balloons to travel to new stages, unlock clothes for your Mii character and let you continue playing a stage after your Pokémon’s HP runs out.

Players will receive 3,000 Poké Diamonds after completing the tutorial, with the Poké Diamond Digger providing 40 more every day. After you receive both, two VIP Cards will unlock – the Balloon VIP Card and the Timing Stop VIP Card – which will make your quest easier to tackle.

Pokémon Rumble World will release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS at retail across Europe on January 22nd.

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