Pokémon Rumble U figures hit UK as a GAME exclusive


After weeks of speculation as to whether Pokémon Rumble U figure collection would release across the UK, specialist retailer GAME have announced that they are now exclusively stocking the assorted critters.

Eager fans can also purchase either a digital code to redeem through the Nintendo eShop for £13.49, or spend £19.99 to net themselves the GAME exclusive special edition – which includes a digital code, double-sided poster, a random figure, and a limited edition Black or White Kyurem figure.

Additional figures – including Pikachu, Mewtwo, Victini, Darkrai, Deoxys (Normal Forme), Eevee, and Lucario – will also be available individually, priced at £3.99.

Our review for Pokémon Rumble U went live earlier today, describing it as “definitely a fun game, but it’s clearly not for everyone.”

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