Pokémon Quest Power Stones: What They Are And How To Get More

Pokémon Quest Key Art

In Pokémon Quest, Power Stones are items that you will soon come to rely on to strengthen your best Pokémon team. But, what are they exactly and how can you get more?

You will be rewarded with Power Stones and ingredients for cooking recipes with whenever you complete an Expedition in Pokémon Quest, and there’s a chance that you can randomly earn more from the enemy Pokémon that you defeat along the way.

The Power Stones can be used to fill the nine slots that each Pokémon will eventually have access to as you level them up, and, if you place three in a row, the benefit is that you will receive a Bingo Bonus that will make them even stronger.

These come in two types: those that boost the power of a Pokémon’s Attack, and those that will give them more Health Points. And then there are Move Stones, like the Whack-Whack Stone, Wait Less Stone or Stay Strong Stone, that can be used to make your Pokémon’s special moves more powerful or recharge quicker.

What you will soon learn is that you won’t have much choice in which Power Stones can be placed in which slots. Game Freak has tried to balance Pokémon Quest as best they can, meaning that the Power Stone type that you can place in slots is locked – although you may find that some Pokémon have slots that will let you use either an Attack or Health Point-related Power Stone.

Your continued progress in the game will reward you with stronger Power Stones than those that you collect in your earlier time with it. But be warned, as you will only be able to hold 20 Power Stones at a time. That’s unless you choose to spend PM Tickets in the Poké Mart on Stone Box Expansions to unlock for more storage space.

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