Pokémon Mega Get Hurls Poké Balls At Arcades In Japan


Bandai Namco Entertainment has revealed Pokémon Mega Get, a new Pokémon arcade experience that fans across Japan will be introduced to this year.

Players will choose between three stages set in the sea, sky or an overgrown grassy area, and can select either Froakie, Fennekin or Chespin as their partner Pokémon.

Once the game eventually starts, the concept is ridiculously simple in tasking players to frantically hurl Poké Balls at the screen to catch any Pokémon that appear. Given that’s a core gameplay element of the series, you’d wonder why this hadn’t happened sooner…

When it is all over, your efforts won’t go unrewarded with the player given a collectible card – a solid performance paving the way to secure yourself rarer cards.

With arcade’s seeing a declining popularity outside of Japan, this isn’t something that we should expect to arrive in the west. But, keep an eye out for it if you ever adventure to Japan on holiday!

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