Pokémon Mastery university degrees is latest April Fool


April Fool’s Day is always a tricky one, but at times there are things that tickle us in the right way.

Today’s seen the star turn of The Pokémon Company International, who promised something that many would have probably hoped had turned out to be real – Pokémon Master degrees at accredited universities across the United States.

Courses included Human and “Pokémon Dynamics,” “Pokémon Habitats by Region,” and the “Theory and Ethics of Pokémon Evolution.”

“It took a few years to work out the details, but we’ve finally done it!” they shared on Facebook. “Starting fall 2013, several accredited universities across the United States will begin offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in Pokémon Mastery!

“Check out the recommended undergraduate course schedule below and don’t forget to tell your friends. For a list of participating universities and additional course information visit: pokemon.com/us/content/april_fools/

Clicking through the link then clarifies that it is indeed an April Fool’s prank, but we can’t be the only ones that wish it were real?

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