Pokémon Link: Battle! puzzles Nintendo eShop in March


Pokémon Link: Battle!, or Pokémon Battle Trozei to those in North America, has been announced as a Nintendo eShop release set for March.

This action-puzzler uses every known Pokémon, a figure that now surpasses 700, as players match their portraits to fight against and collect others for their collection, to then use in later battles.

You’ll need to take Pokémon-type into consideration to inflict greater damage, and creating stronger bonds with your Pokémon can also strengthen their attacks. Four-player co-operative play is also incorporated, being necessary to tackle some of the game’s more tricky stages.

Pokémon Link: Battle! will release across Europe on March 13th through the Nintendo eShop, and in North America as Pokémon Battle Trozei on March 20th.

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