Pokémon Jumbo Jet will take last flight in September 2013


The “Pikachu Jumbo” which first flew in 1998 alongside the screening of the first Pokemon movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back, will be permanently grounded next year.

Soaring fuel costs have meant that All Nippon Airways will discontinue operations of their Boeing 747 jumbo jets by March 2014, with the aircraft due to be replaced by more fuel-efficient midsize aircraft.

That means that the Pokémon jumbo jet will no longer take to the skies, the plane painted with illustrations of Pikachu being retired in September.

Those wishing to fly one last time on the plane can book farewell flights during the summer holidays, along the Haneda-Sapporo route which flys between Tokyo and Hokkaido’s capital city.

Though the more recent Boeing 777 “Pokémon Jet” will continue operating, which is adorned with illustrations from Pokémon Black and White.

[Thanks The Japan News]

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