Pokémon-Inspired Coromon Battle System Broken Down In New Trailer

Coromon Logo

Freedom Games and TRAGsoft have shared a new trailer for their modern monster-taming RPG Coromon, breaking down the game’s battle system.

The stamina-based battle system will require you to choose your skills with care, whether they affect your opponent’s stamina, apply conditions or deal damage. Each skill that you use depletes your Cormon’s limited stamina supply. With each turn, you will need to choose whether to attack, replenish your stamina by resting or healing with a clutch item.

There are three skill types: Physical, Special and Status. Physical skills use your Coromon’s Attack stats which can combine with other traits to secure you an advantage. Whereas Special skills bypass an opponent’s physical defenses to deal even more damage – based on your Coromon’s Special Attack stats – which can create powerful combos with status effects.

And then there are Status skills, which offer passive changes to your current Coromon or the enemy that they are facing. These will include “temporary stat boosts, enemy debuffs, weather summons, among other game-changing effects.”

Promising a “refreshing take on the monster-taming genre set in a charming pixel-art world,” in Coromon you play as an aspiring researcher who joins a technologically advanced organisation called Lux Solis.

Assigned to a specialised team known as the Titan Taskforce, you are challenged to investigate the six Titans in the region of Velua. However, you soon discover that extraterrestrial forces are attempting to bring a mysterious elemental-type to your planet which causes the fundament of the world to slowly collapse.

You will receive assistance from Lux Solis, who will prove you with useful gadgets. But, it is up to you to gather the Titan Essences and undo the damage that has been dealt to the Earth’s core.

With more than 120 Coromon to catch – which each has its own individual animations and iconic designs – the gameplay experience has looked to blend elements from the JRPG genre with the monster-taming formula. That will encompass a “lengthy and compelling” story, the need to face off against powerful bosses and to overcome puzzles in challenging dungeons.

Coromon will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 31st March 2022.

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