Pokémon Gray website registered

News has emerged today that a Pokémon Gray website has been registered at pokemongray.com.

Whilst not directly set up by Nintendo themselves, the site has been registered by Melbourne IT Digital Brand Services who previously registered pokemonblackwhite.com, which, as you may know, is Nintendo of America’s official site for the Nintendo DS releases.

The domain itself was created back in 2008, yet was registered just over a year ago by the company. It would it appear it’s not been discovered until now, at least to my knowledge.

It isn’t unusual for a single Pokémon game to release following the dual launch of two versions within the series – most recently Pokémon Diamond and Pearl were followed by Platinum, for instance.

As Pokémon Black and White are the latest entries, the existence of Pokémon Gray as the next logical step for the franchise certainly isn’t misjudged, but we’ll have to wait for confirmation from Nintendo themselves.

[Thanks IGN]

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