Pokémon Gold And Silver HM Locations


A Hidden Machine, or HM for short, is an item that works like a Technical Machine (TM) in that it can teach your Pokémon a new move. But first, they need to be collected.

These can be used an unlimited number of times, but the moves that they teach cannot normally be forgotten by the Pokémon that learn their secrets.

We have prepared the following list to help you hunt them out, naming all of the moves taught by the HMs and their locations, now that the games are available on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console service.

All HM Locations In Pokémon Gold And Pokémon Silver

HM01 Cut

This is received from Charcoal Man after capturing his Farfetch’d in Ilex Forest.

HM02 Fly

This is received from Chuck’s wife in Cianwood City after defeating Chuck.

HM03 Surf

This is received from the Ecruteak Dance Theater owner after defeating all Kimono Girls.

HM04 Strength

This is received from the Sailor in the house next to the Center in Olivine City.

HM05 Flash

This is received from the Head Sage on Sprout Tower.

HM06 Whirlpool

This is received from Lance in Team Rocket’s Hideout in Mahogany Tower.

HM07 Waterfall

This can be found in Ice Path.

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