Pokémon GO Was Google’s Most Searched Term In 2016


Pokémon GO has had quite the year. Niantic’s location-based game has been downloaded more than 500 million times worldwide and has become nothing short of a cultural phenomenon.

That success can be seen in Google’s Year In Search 2016 report, which shares that Pokémon GO was the most searched term globally, outpacing iPhone 7, Donald Trump, Prince, and Powerball.

Broken down by country it was the second most-searched term in the United Kingdom behind Euro 2016, while the United States threw a curveball after the misspelt “Pokeman GO” was the fourth most-searched term behind Powerball, Prince, and Hurricane Matthew.

The top How to… question was “How to play Pokémon GO?” in both the United Kingdom and United States. As for Pokémon, the Philippines, Chile, Peru, Singapore, and Taiwan were the countries that searched the term most, which peaked in the week commencing 17th July 2016.

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