Pokémon GO User Review #8

Great game couple ideas 1: you should be able 2 walk around by tapping the path in front of you whilst still sitting at home coz not all lil kids can go out walking around and don’t have access to Internet outside and it would stop 100% of accidents people playing near trains and whilst driving cars if they new they could travel there from home.. 2: you should do a separate world we can travel to called (pokemon world) where we can online pvp. Have a proper story mode like how gameboy did but where u can only have the pokemon you catch in real world a place where u can pay or win rare pokemon. Have a store to walk in. healing centre. A tournament arena. 3: when fighting you should have buttons for the different moves. 4:The candy should be the type of pokemon (element) not by catching same pokemon over and over. 5: should win coins when in gyms and also if you do a pvp coz they hard to get that’s if you get this I just wanna help the game be GREAT and safe so people can’t stop kids playing it if they didn’t need to walk around but still use GPS for real map would work great. And please don’t stop with just the first set of pokemon would be sick to see the pokemon of today TV series involved at some point been playing pokemon from kid I’m 27 this is bring bk couple memories. 6: should be able to trade moves and pokemon in the pokemon world. 7: the pokemon u choose at start should be able to walk around with you. 8: just like the pokemon game if you do bring away to move around the world from being at home would be good to have bicycle and be able to ride a Pokemon and have one that can fly you to locations also to and from the pokemon world if you do this that is. 9: when catching pokemon you should be able to fight them with your pokemon to weaken them before catching them even if you gotta use potion or revive them after. 10: I live behind Hartford College in Broxbourne,Turnford England and there is nothing no gym no Pokemon nothing they are new builds please address that if possiable

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