Pokémon GO User Review #6

overall this is a great game, but as expected it doesn’t live up to the hype. Server overloads are to be expected on any mmo release, so i would say that despite all of the complaints Niantic has done an excellent job so far considering how globally popular poken is. During the times that the server was up over the past few days, i had a great time with my friends catching pokemon and taking over gyms. Unfortunately, the more i play the more concerns i have.

1. the distribution of pokemon is way off. ever since it was announced that the pokemon would be location specific, we have been asking ourselves “where would a <***> be hiding?”. google maps already uses different icons for buildings, water, woods, fields, etc… and the gps is accurate to within a few feet so why dont the pokemon locations make sense? i am finding bug pokemon and the lake, and staryu at city hall. not to mentionthere is nothing at all in the rural areas. the preview made it look like bigger pokemon would be in remote locations, but you can hardly find anything outside of the cities. i passed miles of pastures today where you should expect to see ponyta, tauros and other farm pokemon, but there was nothing at all. and somebody explain to me why walmart carries everything. there are only 150 pokemon available atm, and i have found 40 of them in the same walmart everything from rhydon to staryu and pikachu.

2. this brings me to my 2nd point. there was an announcement recently, that the point of the game “is not to catch them all but to catch them together.” while i appeciate the idea behind this, and they did an excellent job incorporatin this into the game especially the gyms it is going to cost them a lot of players. For all true pokemon fans the search to find them all is essential. i started 2 days ago and already have 55 different pokemon. there should never be more than 30 types of pokemon in 1 city or it eliminates the need to travel. and trade.

3: trading and pvp. while the gym system is different from the other games, it is very enjoyable and will drive competition. That being said a pokemon game where you can only battle a PC and not another person is doomed to fail. nothing brings out the trainer spirit like challenging a real live opponent. the same for trading as they said themselves, the goal is to catch them together. judging by the original commercial, im assuming both of these things are coming, but once they fix he server issues it needs to be a quick addition before they start losing players.

4. while all of these things would greatly improve the game, the main issue is lack of people interaction. the only way take/defend the gyms is to team up. even without trading/pvp teamwork is already going to be an important aspect of the game; but you cant drag your friends with you everywhere you go so what to do? there is no in game chat system, and you cannot see other players avatars on the map. you cant just walk up to random people with their phones out to ask for help so they have to put in some way for people to locate and talk with other players. not to mention people will have more fun playin if they know their not the only ones doing it.

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