Pokémon GO User Review #5

This game had SO much potential and all it turned into was a big disappointment. The servers keep crashing every couple of hours, a pokemon will pop up and will disappear before you have a chance to get it with a sign that says “Error” popping up at the top of the screen. Let’s not forget that this game is terribly biased. I understand having more pokemon in the city just to rake in players and cash, but it leaves out those who are pokemon fans that reside within the country. People who live within the city can catch up to 22+ pokemon within the matter of a day and those of us who downloaded the game when it came out can only catch at most 5 to 10 within the matter of a few games? This game literally forces you to drive about two hours out, to a city just to fully enjoy the experience of pokemon go. If you’re going to have a game like this, at least make the pokemon population more balanced. It’s absolutely no fun missing out on pokemon that you can’t get solely because you live too far away. It’s really biased. Not to mention it’s backwards… Why? Just why? In the handheld games, you go into the country to find more pokemon, not into the city!  This game really is disappointing. So much potential…and it blew it.

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  1. I agree with you and top of that, you just run out if Pokemon go balls sooner than you thought 🙁


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