Pokémon GO Update: What Is A Lucky Pokémon?

Pokémon GO Lucky Pokémon Screenshot

Niantic has revealed that Lucky Pokémon will soon start to appear in Pokémon GO, the next important new discovery that Professor Willow has made. But, what is a Lucky Pokémon?

This new trait may be applied to a Pokémon once it is traded, although its origin remains a mystery. Those that become a sparkly Lucky Pokémon will require less Stardust to power up, meaning that they can reach a higher CP much faster than normal Pokémon.

Lucky Pokémon can be detected by the Pokédex so that you can keep a track of them, and the longer that a Pokémon has been in your Pokémon storage the higher the chance that they can become a Lucky Pokémon when traded.

The developer has also added that, with the discovery of Lucky Pokémon, Trainers that send Gifts to friends will receive XP for doing so and Gifts, once opened, may contain Stardust.

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