Pokémon GO Update Version 0.69.1 Now Available On Android


Niantic has released a minor software update for Pokémon GO on Android, which brings the location-based game to version 0.69.1.

This sees Team Instinct leader Spark return to appraise Pokémon and resolves multiple bugs that impacted motivation decreases, the location-based game freezing in certain situations, such as consuming potions too quickly or when all Pokémon faint in a Raid Battle.

Changes Made In Pokémon GO Update Version 0.69.1

  • Spark has returned to appraise Pokémon for Team Instinct Trainers.
  • Resolved a motivation decay bug impacting Pokémon with less than 3000 CP.
  • Resolved a bug causing Pokémon GO to freeze after consuming potions too quickly.
  • Resolved a bug causing Pokémon GO to freeze after all 6 Pokémon faint during a Raid Battle.
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