Pokémon GO Player Crashes Into Baltimore Police Patrol Car


If it isn’t a particularly obvious warning, don’t play Pokémon GO while driving.

A player in Baltimore, Maryland discovered that the hard way, as, while they were distracted by Niantic’s augmented reality app, they ended up crashing their Toyota RAV4 into a parked Baltimore Police Department patrol car.

The police department shared a video of the incident, as it was caught by a body camera that had been worn by one of the officers as they stood next to the parked vehicle. No one was harmed, but there was plenty of force behind the collision.

“That’s what I get for playing this dumb ass game,” the driver explained after he was approached by the police officers to check that he was ok.

The department is warning that players don’t drive while distracted, to make sure that both they and those around them can be safe.

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