Pokémon GO Pikachu Photobomb: How To Catch Detective Pikachu In Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO Detective Pikachu Photobomb Screenshot

Whether it’s the summer hat and sunglasses, Santa hat, party hat, witch hat, or Ash’s famous hat, we all know that Niantic jumps at the chance to give the iconic Pikachu a new look in Pokemon GO.

That won’t change anytime soon, as, with Pokémon Detective Pikachu now out in cinemas around the world, there are movie-inspired activities happening in the location-based game.

As well as increased encounters with Pokémon seen in the movie, Shiny Aipom, Field Research tasks and rewards, new avatar items, and special Raid Battles, there’s also the chance to catch Detective Pikachu in Pokemon GO.

The in-game activities are running from Tuesday 7th – Friday 17th May 2019, and, during that time, the super-sleuth electric mouse can be caught.

However, as with the Painter Pokémon Smeargle, you shouldn’t expect to find Detective Pikachu randomly spawning in the wild. Instead, you will need to use GO Snapshot to take augmented reality photos with your Pokémon collection.

After selecting the Camera in the Items menu and then choosing a Pokémon (or tapping the Camera icon on a Pokémon’s stat screen), simply find somewhere where it can spawn and start taking as many photos as you want to.

Once you have finished, exit out using the icon in the top-left corner of the screen, where you will be shown the photos that you have taken and are encouraged to share them on social media.

If you have been lucky enough, you will soon notice that Detective Pikachu has photobombed one of your photos from the corner. Once you have spotted them, return to the map where you will soon see it spawn. Tap them like normal, and you will have the chance to catch them.

It’s worth mentioning that Detective Pikachu will only appear once per day, and, as far as we know, there is no Shiny Detective Pikachu to hold out hope for.

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