Pokémon GO Now Available On iOS And Android


Niantic were preparing Pokémon GO to release this month, but it has arrived earlier than expected.

The real world adventure has now become available for iOS on the App Store and Android devices on Google Play, although it is currently only available to those in Japan, Australia and New Zealand. While there has been no accompanying announcement, it looks set to steadily roll out across other countries.

The free-to-play app looks to encourage players to explore their surroundings to discover and capture Pokémon, letting players join one of three teams as they battle for ownership of Gyms with Pokémon at their side.

Niantic has clarified that Pokémon GO is optimised for smartphones but not tablets,
your device vibrating when there’s a Pokémon nearby to challenge you to capture it with a Poké Ball before it runs away.

PokéStops, hatching Pokémon Eggs, evolution and Gym battles will broaden the experience, and we’re certainly looking forward to playing as soon as it becomes available in Europe!

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