Pokémon GO Is Another Success In Satoru Iwata’s Enduring Legacy


It cannot be denied that Pokémon GO has become a worldwide phenomenon. Niantic’s augmented reality app has had players of all ages exploring their nearby area for pocket monsters, and will endure as another part of late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata’s legacy.

Nikkei report that Iwata was closely involved in the app’s development from the planning stage, and that he continued to work in his hospital room until he passed away.

Working from his favourite PC Iwata had shared his ideas for Pokémon GO with his close friend, The Pokémon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara. Their continued exchange would have undoubtedly helped to shape what the app eventually became, and remains as another project where Iwata’s influence can still be felt.

Iwata sadly passed away in July 2015, after being diagnosed with a bile duct growth the year before. He had explained that the growth had been detected “very early” as part of a routine examination, and soon underwent surgery to remove it. While he had recovered steadily, he ultimately lost his fight against what is recognised as being a particularly aggressive form of cancer.

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