Pokémon GO Gen 3 Arrival Leaked In Data Mine


Pokémon GO Gen 3 is happening soon, with a data mine revealing that Niantic is preparing to introduce pocket monsters that had first appeared in Pokémon Ruby, Pokémon Sapphire, and Pokémon Emerald to the location-based game.

The Silph Road uncovered evidence that points to their introduction after hunting through an update that was released by the developer overnight to “implement bug fixes,” that now sees Android devices on version 0.79.2 and iOS devices on 1.49.2.

That saw them unearth the sound files for the cries of Generation 3 Pokémon that they explain “includes all species up to #386 (Deoxys),” a new badge called “BADGE_POKEDEX_ENTRIES_GEN3” that is referenced in the code, as well as an early indication that a Halloween event is being planned – with metadata, and “mapHalloweenNightMusic” being connected with new Lavender Town night theme music.

And then there’s the new Halloween event loading screen artwork, which you can see below. This stars: Sableye, the Darkness Pokémon; Duskull, the Requiem Pokémon; Dusclops, the Beckon Pokémon; Shuppet, the Puppet Pokémon; and Banette, the Marionette Pokémon, who were all introduced in Generation 3.

Gengar, Zubat, and Murkrow are also present, and the Trainer character, surrounded by pumpkins, can also be seen wearing a Mimikyu hat – perhaps looking to help promote Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon‘s release in November.


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