Pokémon GO Gameplay Video Surfaces From SXSW 2016


After the scheduled GDC 2016 session was cancelled, we were left wondering when we would first get to see how Pokémon GO‘s development is progressing.

Well, that came sooner than expected. Niantic CEO John Hanke held a panel at SXSW 2016 earlier today called “The Future Of AR Is Already In Your Pocket,” at which he shared a first look at the augmented reality game.

Within a short recording that has surfaced online, Hanke can be heard reiterating that Pokémon will live in the habitats that they prefer – whether that be land or sea. He then encounters an Ivysaur outside the Austin Convention Center, which he fails to catch with a Poké Ball and therefore has to sacrifice a Master Ball.

Pokémon GO field tests were recently announced for Japan, which will allow a limited number of players to test the app before it launches worldwide.

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