Pokémon GO Fest Tickets Have Sold Out


Tickets for the Pokémon GO Fest went on sale earlier today, and have promptly sold out within an hour.

The event, sponsored by Sprint and Boost Mobile, will celebrate one year since Pokémon GO was released, bringing together thousands of Trainers from the community.

Those that attend can enjoy increased Pokémon encounters that will include some that have never been seen before, while Trainers will work together to complete challenges to unlock in-game rewards globally.

There will also be an exclusive in-app Pokémon GO Fest Chicago medal that will appear on your profile page, special PokéStops that will reward you with special 2km Eggs, Team Instinct, Mystic and Valor lounges, and photo opportunities around the park.

Pokémon GO Fest will take place at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois, between 10am – 7pm on Saturday 22nd July 2017.

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