Pokémon GO Exploit Sees Eggs Defend PokéGyms


Trainers are used to wandering kilometres at a time to hatch random pocket monsters from their Eggs in Pokémon GO, but the unpredictable item has now been used in an unexpected way.

Players have discovered an exploit that has allowed Eggs to be placed at PokéGyms and, with no moves or combat power (CP), this means that such locations cannot be challenged. That means that the places in which they are placed are unbeatable, with the player responsible left to freely earn PokéCoins and Stardust as the daily reward for successfully defending it.

The reports began to spread on Reddit, while video evidence soon surfaced on YouTube. These instances have largely been spotted in New York City, where one such PokéGym that has been affected is the New York Times office.

Niantic will likely now be aware of the exploit, and looking to address it in their next software update for the augmented reality app.

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