Pokémon GO Drives 3DS Software And Merchandise Sales In UK


As the Pokémon GO phenomenon sweeps the world, interest around Niantic’s augmented reality app has helped boost the brand’s software and merchandise sales.

MCV reports that GfK sales figures show that combined sales for Pokémon titles on Nintendo 3DS increased by 145 percent last week.

Such interest has seen Nintendo raise sales projections for Pokémon Sun and Moon, according to licensing sources. Pre-orders increased over the weekend, seeing the Nintendo 3DS exclusives sat in the top ten most pre-ordered games on Amazon UK.

Apparel licensee BioWorld Europe has revealed that it is creating new lines, as their current range has been “flying out the door.”

“Many retailers are requesting special Pokémon products and we’re developing a wider collection to meet that demand,” BioWorld Europe product manager Leon van der Made shared.

That increase in sales has also hit the Pokémon Trading Card Game, which are up by 100 percent.

“We’ve not seen the same excitement around the brand since the original UK launch in the 1990s,” revealed Esdevium marketing manager Ben Hogg. “TCG sales are up around eight times the level we saw back in 2012 and over 100 per cent year-on-year from 2015.”

“We are excited about Pokémon GO and the effect it could have on the TCG. The high profile launch has certainly generated plenty of additional interest in Pokémon from our retailers. It is hard to say if it will lead to some good extra sales or if it will be a catalyst for further huge growth. But we are confident the effect will be positive, just how positive we do not yet know.”

Stores are now bracing for “another Pokémon Christmas,” which is well-timed as the brand continues to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Top Selling Pokémon Games For Week Ending July 16th (Sales Increase %)

1. Pokémon Alpha Sapphire – 148%
2. Pokémon Omega Ruby – 148%
3. Pokémon X – 238%
4. Pokémon Y – 188%
5. Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon – 65%

These five games in total – 148%
Pokémon Total – 145%

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