Pokémon GO Community Day Box Is Back To Help You Evolve Larvitar

Pokémon GO Community Day Larvitar

The Pokémon GO Community Day Box has returned to the location-based game, with Niantic bundling items that will help you and your friends catch Larvitar.

This can be purchased from the in-game Shop for 480 PokéCoins and contains six Lucky Eggs, four Premium Raid Passes, 20 Pinap Berries and 30 Ultra Balls.

The Community Day Box arrives to coincide with this month’s Community Day event, in which Larvitar will be the featured Pokémon and, once it has been evolved to Tyranitar, will have the exclusive move Smack Down.

During the three-hour event, you will be able to earn three times as much XP as normal when you catch a Pokémon, and Lures that you place will last for three hours.

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