Pokémon GO Community Day Box Hits In-Game Shop

Bulbasaur Anime Screenshot

Niantic has announced that a Pokémon GO Community Day Box has now been made available in the location-based game.

This can only be purchased from the in-game shop until 3pm PDT on Sunday 25th March, and, priced at 480 PokéCoins, contains six Incense, six Lucky Eggs, six Star Pieces, and 30 Ultra Balls.

The new box arrives to coincide with tomorrow’s Community Day event, in which Bulbasaur will be the featured Pokémon and will have the exclusive move, Frenzy Plant.

During the three-hour event, you will also earn three times as much experience from catching Pokémon, and Lures will last for three hours.

Pokémon GO Community Day Box Image

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