Pokémon Generations Episode 4 Investigates The Lake Of Rage


This week’s Pokémon Generations episode sees Elite Four champion Lance and his Dragonite investigate rumours that a Red Gyarados is rampaging in the Lake of Rage.

Suspicious that it had been forced to evolve due to a radio wave, Lance sets out to uncover the source. That leads him to discover Team Rocket’s secret base, where he confronts the nefarious group’s schemes after they were believed to have been disbanded.

With Dragonite’s epic assistance in taking down opposing Pokémon, Lance shuts down the operation and frees the Electrode that had been forced to power the radio wave machine against their will.

The Pokémon Generations animated series looks to shed light on each generation in the Pokémon video game series, with bite-sized episodes to be released every week until 23rd December 2016.

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