Pokémon Duel Tests Your Battle Strategies On iOS And Android

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You can now compete in the Pokémon Figure Game World Championships where Jewel Tower is the grand prize, with The Pokémon Company International announcing that free-to-play mobile strategy game Pokémon Duel is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

Within this game, players deploy digital Pokémon figures and must battle based on strategic moves to reach a designated goal in the opponent’s territory.

After assembling a team of six Pokémon, each with their own strengths and a set number of steps that they can take, players can take different routes to rush toward the goal or block their opponent’s Pokémon from advancing. A battle will commence when two Pokémon from opposing teams meet, and the players spin each Pokémon’s Data Disk to see which Attack each Pokémon will use.

Players can also use a plate at the start of their turn, each with different effects whether that be swapping the positions of Pokémon in play or giving their own Pokémon battle enhancements that turn. Ultimately, the player that reaches their goal first wins the duel.

You can duel against real opponents online by tapping League Match on the Home screen, which will automatically match you against other players around the world according to skill level.

Every League victory will reward you with a Time Booster that will unlock items such as Pokémon figures, and winning matches will increase the player’s rating that in turn will provide a better chance at receiving different Pokémon figures as you compete in higher-level leagues.

Players can purchase more plates and Boosters at the in-app Shop, with materials collected from Boosters used in trades for chosen Pokémon. Currency known as Gems can be purchased at the Shop or earned in-game, whether that be through playing Pokémon Duel daily or clearing missions.

Pokémon Duel is now available on the App Store and Google Play in Europe and North America.

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