Pokémon clone sets sights on App Store

little masters

Continually beset by clones of all kinds, Apple will once again have to content with a game that treads the line of being far too similar to the Pokémon series.

Little Masters, as it is called, is currently in submission with Apple, and will be a free-to-play game developed by Riida that features micro transactions to allow you to purchase in-game currency. This may also be earned through battling your friends online, which is more of an effort to grow the software’s install base.

“We are trying to bring the beloved Pokemon-style battle to the iPhone!”, explained a Riida staff member on the Touch Arcade forums.

“We have been working with some monster designers on the Internet and the game company behind the iPhone game ‘Pocket Summoner’ to create a game on the iPhone.”

[Thanks Pocket Gamer]

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