Pokémon Café Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire to open in Shibuya


After the success of their Pikachu Café earlier in the year, it has been announced that the Shibuya Parco building’s seventh floor will shortly play home to a Pokémon Café Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire restaurant in January.

Serving meals, desserts and drinks, this will open daily (11am – 10pm) between Friday 9th January until the end of February. They won’t be taking reservations so expect to politely queue before you’re seated, with a characterful menu ensuring that it’ll be worth the wait.

Whether that be the Smiling Pikachu Omu-rice where you can choose between magma or aqua sauces housed in a Pokéball mug that you can take home, the Pokémon Fried Potato Friends which have imprints of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire’s starter Pokémon, or the “Pikachu, I Choose You!” Cream Puff whose appearance has been made to look like Pikachu is beaming out of his Poké Ball, there’s plenty of delightful choice to choose between.

Those that bring their Nintendo 3DS and copy of Pokémon Omega Ruby and/or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire can claim a special event Pokémon, “Pokemon Cafe Pikachu.” Named “P-Cafe” it will have the moves Play Nice, Charm, Nuzzle, and Sweet Kiss, and is holding the Sweet Heart item.

[Thanks RocketNews24]

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