Pokémon Blue Team Victorious In Splatoon’s Pokémon Splatfest


Splatoon saw another Splatfest take place in Inkopolis over the weekend, seeing players choosing their team by deciding whether Pokémon Red or Pokémon Blue were their favourite.

While Pokémon Red was the more popular choice in Europe, Japan and North America, that only rallied those that chose Pokémon Blue, who stormed ahead in their win percentage to secure an overall victory in the final results. Those left disappointed can blame the Water-type advantage, perhaps.

Votes: Pokémon Red – 64 percent, Pokémon Blue – 36 percent
Wins: Pokémon Red – 43 percent, Pokémon Blue – 57 percent
Final Result: Pokémon Red – 322, Pokémon Blue – 378

Votes: Pokémon Red – 61 percent, Pokémon Green – 39 percent
Wins: Pokémon Red – 36 percent, Pokémon Green – 64 percent
Final Result: Pokémon Red – 277, Pokémon Green – 423

North America
Votes: Pokémon Red – 55 percent, Pokémon Blue – 45 percent
Wins: Pokémon Red – 41 percent, Pokémon Blue – 59 percent
Final Result: Pokémon Red – 301, Pokémon Blue – 399

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